Crown of Fate

First Dealings with Fate Core

Our first dealing with the Fate Core book was this last weekend. Our Marvel Heroic RPG game didn’t pan out, so we decided to take it for a spin.

I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative setting generation session. We all came to the table with an idea, then picked the one that fleshed-out the best. In the end, Jeff and Edgar’s ideas coalesced into one, and we essentially came up with the Matrix. Kind of. Even though it’s very similar, I think the tone and very different staging are enough to set it apart as something unique. Anyway, game settings just need to be fun and playable, you get virtually no points for being unique; on the contrary, it’s usually better to have a common reference point or touchstone so that much can be assumed about the setting.

It was a very freeform process of each person introducing ideas, and the group collaboratively refining them. The resulting setting was at least as detailed as my D&D game’s background, and it took less time to come up with.

It took our whole session to come up with the setting, about 3.5 hours, not counting side conversations about who is and isn’t racist (Ahem, Jeff, cough). During that time we picked a skill list, only modifying the base list by changing Lore to Education. We may also end up adding a skill that’s used with the “Code Hacking” Extra that we’ll design soon.


We also changed “Craft” to Engineering.

First Dealings with Fate Core
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