Julia Landry

Crippled Archi-tech-t Support


High Concept Aspect Crippled Archi-tech-t Support
Trouble Aspect Fear of the Unknown

Phase One: Your Adventure
On her way home from moonlighting as guest dj at CircuitSpeak, her friend glitched clear through the Beltway Bridge right before her eyes. Julia waited to see her head clear the water below, but it never did. After waiting too long, Julia didn’t know what to do. She screamed for help, paralyzed with fear before finally tossing herself over the edge into the river.

Phase One Aspect: C’mon Julia, Don’t overthink it!

Phase Two Aspect (Crossing Paths with Agent Lebowski):
When did justice become an option?

Phase Three Aspect (Crossing Paths with Michelob Cohagen):
A Rookie Among Pros

Great: Engineer (4)
Good: Education, Access (
Fair: Notice, Investigate, Will (2)
Average: Shoot, Resources, Empathy, Rapport (

We Can Rebuild This: Use Access instead of Engineer to create new features of architecture or fixtures (This includes doors, windows, faucets, furniture). This way of building does not require crafting tools or more than 5 minutes for a human sized creation, adaptation, or enhancement. All it takes is a few lines of code. Don’t make any mistakes, though.
Specialist: Lore—Engineering+2
Hard Boiled: Can step up consequence at end of scene to ignore compels during scene.


Julia Landry

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