The Crown System

The AI that maintains and polices virtual reality


Uneasy lies the head that craves the crown.
-Howard E. Koch

What it looks like is not really important. it’s what it does that really matters.

The Impartial Forger of Our Reality


The Computerized Realistic Occupation World Network is an advanced computer system that generates the world our heroes live, work and play in. It is also the name of the Artificial Intelligence that monitors the ships complex life support systems and keeps the simulation world running smoothly. This AI has access to the simulations source code and can alter the properties of the world and even the people inside it instantly, and although it can basically do whatever it wants to the simulation on a whim, it lacks both the desire and imagination to do so. There’s also something called the prime directive that keeps the CROWN system in check, but no one is exactly sure what it is.

(The actual wording of it and why its there is a mystery!)

The reasoning for having the ships passengers hooked up to a simulation world was twofold. The first was to conserve space and resources, rather than having the passengers traveling in a spacecraft the size of a city. A smaller vessel could be built that could support just as many people as long as they were kept inside of specially designed stasis pods. The second was to prevent the crew from succumbing to “space madness”, a (scientifically proven) phenomena that affects humans on very long voyages through deep space. Many a deep space vessel were lost when their crews went mad and killed each other, and since the fate of humanity depends on the success of this mission, all possible measures were taken into account to prevent such a thing from happening.

Despite having incredible computational power the CROWN system can’t keep track of every single aspect of the simulation, which is why there are actual humans to help monitor, track, and fix any problems that may arise both inside and out of the simulation. These people are know as The Echelon, originally consisting of the ships senior crew, their numbers have steadily grown as more and more anomalies have been detected within (and possibly outside) the CROWN.

While very few are aware of the CROWN’s existence even fewer actually know what it is capable of, but recently rumors about it have been popping up in underworld and have begun to spread like wildfire. One rumor in particular has gotten the higher ups on edge since it mentions unrestricted access to the CROWN’s source code.

The Crown System

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