The Slayer Grounds

Don't worry, it's only a simulation...


Aspects: It’s suppose to be difficult, it’s based on actual events.

The Slayer Grounds is were all war, strategy and shooter simulations can be accessed. While there is some custom content that is allowed here, most of it has been sanctioned by the CROWN and Echelon for training and evaluation purposes.

FUN FACT: The Top 3 players of the Slayer Grounds are all Echelon personnel! But no one knows that since their identities are classified information.


One of the most difficult and well known game modes in The Slayer Grounds is the Reclamation Campaign that takes the data survived from the invasion and uses it to create a real-time strategy & squad-based shooter where players have to survive wave after wave of Alien creatures in various locations and situations while completing a list of objectives. Most of the time the objectives are simple, but the sheer number of enemies players must face is often overwhelming. Sometimes the system likes to throw in some rather obscure scenarios were a team has to overcome some kind of environmental hazard while avoiding the alien menace altogether.

Most of the time it’s just mindless killing meant to test the limits of the human mind against such an inhuman adversary. Since it is disguised as a game most people often give up on it in favor of less violent and difficult games. Those that do stick around and score high enough are sometimes recruited to join The Echelon. or The Agency

Donald Lebowski was one such person who actually made it to the top 3 for a full 12 minutes. His rank has slowly been going down as he no longer plays, convinced that the final stage is rigged and unbeatable.

The Slayer Grounds

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