Virtual people


Frank: You see, as artificial representations of humans become more and more realistic, they reach a point where they stop being endearing, and become creepy.
Tracy: Tell it to me in Star Wars.
Frank: Alright. We like R2-D2 and C-3PO.
Tracy: They’re nice.
Frank: And up here, we have a real person like Han Solo.
Tracy: He acts like he doesn’t care, but he does!
Frank: But down here we have a CGI Stormtrooper or Tom Hanks in The Polar Express.
Tracy: I’m scared! Get me out of there!
— Thirty Rock

They look and behave just like normal people, but one look into their cold dead eyes and you’ll know right away that they aren’t real.

Most of them preform their task with a stupid grin on their face unless interacted with, some actually get their faces stuck like that and come off as extra creepy.


The Virtual People or “Veeple” as they are called perform the task that the CROWN has deemed unnecessary or to simplistic for the humans that are connected to the system. Where as real people are busy learning skills like engineering or biochemistry, the more mundane task like flipping burgers and waste disposal are left to the virtual people. Basically anything that a robot can be programmed to do on the outside is done by Veeple in the simulation. Though the main reason for having Veeple is to have the real humans dedicate their brain power to problem solving and creating ideas, it also gives the simulation sense of realism, especially while within the city districts of Old and New Metro, which don’t have a large human population despite their appearance.

About 95% of the calls agents get are to deal with glitching Veeple that have gotten themselves stuck in walls or walkways or Repeating Loops where the last few seconds of what they were doing is repeated over and over. While most Veeple are simple AI programmed to preform specific task, some humans have found ways to modify and even create their own custom Veeple that act more human. There’s even an urban legend that there are some Veeple that think they are actually human.

(Mmmmm smells like Bladerunner….)


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