Crown of Fate

For a brief time, the survivors of humanity had been closed off to the rest of the universe. And they liked it that way. The destruction of Earth, at least as they remember it, gave them reason enough to choose escapism as they hurdled through the void towards their unknown destination.

Life within the Crown sys was a modern paradise, a technologically rendered Eden. People were able to live their ideal lives within a digitally programmed city known fondly as the Metro District. It’s citizens could eat, sleep, work, play whenever, if ever they wished. There, alone in space, even tucked away in their vr shell, the eighth day of paradise pursued them—the snake appeared, so-to-speak.

A year ago, some minor glitches began appearing in the system. People falling through floors, flu-like symptoms, up to traumatic injuries. Some people even reported missing. Officially, the Mayor’s office stated these were all traced to a euphoric drug from the Undergrounds. Unofficially, there were too many questions that were left unanswered.

The people of the CS could feel it, too. Unsatisfied by the curtailed investigation, rumors began to spread about the Echelon’s involvement in the glitches. Mobs started forming daily in the courtyard that surrounded Echelon tower.

Fearing violence and unrest, Mayor Harks took action on behalf of the people, what he called, “Lockdown.” He decommissioned personnel, closed all back-doors, and the Undergrounds were shut down. Special back-end access permissions were revoked and the Echelon removed—eerily absent from the city skyline the next morning.

Only… things are getting much, much worse, and more unnatural. Severe blackouts, individuals drowning in thin air. One boy caught on fire, burned for hours before they could put it out. Most recently, reports of missing peoples have started surfacing again. With the Echelon in absentia, who will investigate and protect humanity’s last tribe?


Fnord_Friendly renfrost84

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