Donald J. Lebowski

A smart ass agent well known in the Underworld.


He his young fellow with excellent taste in rugs.

High Concept: Smart ass agent well known in the Underground
Trouble: Enjoys bending or breaking the rules.
Aspect: I Know a guy, who knows a guy.
A joker who gets things done.

One of Lebowski’s first cases was to investigate the disappearance of a popular musician in the underground. After weeks of gathering information and eventually finding the killer, he was forced to let him go because it was discovered that the victim was an AI someone created.

Great (4) Shooting
Good (3) Rapport, Stealth
Fair (2) Burglary, Fight, Notice
Average (1) Access, Deceive, Physique, Will


Young Donald lived a fairly normal life on Earth, he went to school, had birthday parties, and would occasionally argue with his siblings, but all that changed the day the Aliens came. Within just a few hours of losing contact with Cerberus Station around Pluto the creatures descended upon the Earth and began their merciless onslaught of humanity. For several days Donald and his family ran until they were found by a local military unit and evacuated to safety. The details afterwards are hazy but somehow only he had survived (or was chosen) the exodus from Earth.

Having been hooked up to The Crown System since a young age Lebowski has figured out ways of getting what he wants out of the systems AI’s without having to use access commands. He also learned how to get into places he’s not suppose to by doing things the old fashion way like picking locks and being sneaky. Whereas most children his age would try to find ways to hack into the system or give themselves unauthorized system access Lebowski preferred to challenge himself by trying to figure them out the way it would work in the real world. His attention to such details eventually got the attention of The Echelon but he was considered far too inexperienced and undisciplined to join them, so they offered him a job as an Agent which he accepted.

On his off time Lebowski likes to go into the various theme worlds and games that are part of The Underground. At one point he even held one of the top 10 spots of The Slayer Grounds for several years before he got bored with it and began looking for more story-driven content in other parts of the underground.

Donald J. Lebowski

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