The Ship, "Yggdrasil"

Might be called the Yggdrasil, but no one seems to remember.


The Home We Never Knew

Let’s just say its big… but not huge?

It does have a few weapon systems on-board, mostly for zapping or blowing up space debris (because people in the future are lazy and would rather blow up their trash than collect it.) The weapon system could also be used for self-defense.

It has no “Shields” like the kind seen in so many science fiction flicks and games but it can generate a gravity field that warps the space around the ship to avoid collision with small to moderate sized objects. It also does some other jazz to the space-time continuum which allows for faster than light travel. There’s also some crazy stuff that happens when a warp drive doesn’t function properly.

The actual specs vessel and the status of the crew are all classified.


Originally an interplanetary freight vessel it was quickly modified into a generation ship to save what little of humanity was left when the alien menace ravaged the entire solar system.

Although technically capable of faster than light travel it is kept at sub-light speeds since it travels through completely uncharted space that has not been extensively surveyed for hazards that may be in the path of the ship. Even with a small contingent of probes that act as forward scouts the ships speed and trajectory is strictly regulated and never exceeds what is known as the “Light Barrier” (It’s like the sound barrier, but weirder) since Faster Than Light travel affects even the most sophisticated communication equipment available.

This is all speculation though since no one inside of the Crown System has interacted with the vessel for years.

The Ship, "Yggdrasil"

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