The Underground

The sub-reality where People retreat for leisure time


Whereas the normal simulation is clean idealistic view of what Earth was, The Underground is the complete opposite.

“The Crown’s laws don’t matter down here.”


Gambling, Stealing, even random acts of violence. Whatever your vice, chances are you can get away with it in the underground. What was originally just a subroutine for entertainment and leisure quickly devolved into a place where anything goes and the only limit to what one can do is their imagination.

Due to the nature of the underground people are able to create whatever they want as long as they know how to work the system. As a result, the main hub of the underground, known by many as “The Lobby” is a jumbled messed of half finished projects and objects that have been modified and changed (or defaced) far too many times. In recent years a sub culture has emerged that prefers to spend most, if not all of their time within the underground and have begun making wild claims that true freedom can only be experienced there.

Along with the main hub which allows for unrestricted creativity, there are many theme worlds that serve a specific purpose. Just as there are various different genres of books and games, each theme world is designed to emulate a specific setting or place with its own set of rules for doing things. Naturally Agents don’t have to follow those rules, especially if there for legitimate reasons, but sometimes people find ways to bend them which can lead to problems in other parts of the system.

One such world that is popular is the Alien Slayer game, which is one of the few that actually gets advertised outside of the underground. Though it is promoted as a game, in reality it’s a combat simulator that test which people are most adept at combat and which tactics work best if the worst case scenario ever happened abroad the ship.

The Underground

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